About Us
My name is Anita and together with my husband Tor Are, we run a small Maine Coon cattery. We live in the Stavanger area in the South-Western part of Norway.
Back in 2003 when we were looking for a new cat, we fell in love with the Maine Coon breed with the large, powerful and incredible gentle cats! We like the combination of the sweet and gentle temperament, the powerful and almost scary look with lynx tipped ears, the large and muscular body and those wonderful, big, fury paws.
We work to breed Maine Coons typical for the breed. The Fife standard for the Maine Coon breed is found here: http://www1.fifeweb.org/dnld/std/MCO.pdf We look for the god size body, the strong head, good health and a wonderful temperament. It is important for us that the cats who we use for breeding participate at cat-shows. We also test for different genetic conditions, please contact us for results.
The cats live together with us in a large house and are part of the everyday life of the family. They have a lot of space on two floors to play and run around, but also spaces where they can find a quiet spot for relax and sleep.

About the name of our cattery:
Kattelatte is a play on words. In Norwegian "Cafè au lait" or "Coffe with milk" is called "Kaffelatte". So Kattelatte should tanslate into Cats with milk, but still give a hint towards coffe.

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